Signals a sea change in the classic online backup market

January 25, 2012 – Mozy® today announced public beta availability of Mozy Stash™, a new feature that provides Mozy customers with a simple way of keeping their files up to date and available across multiple computers, smartphones and tablets. Now Mozy customers enjoy an unprecedented service that combines Mozy’s industry-leading online backup with the ability to synchronise files across multiple computers with Stash.

Use of Multiple Devices Changing the Backup Market

In the seven years since Mozy helped pioneer the online backup market, the way we access and interact with our data has changed significantly. In addition to the growing adoption of smartphones and tablets, many people are using multiple computers. Mozy ensures photographs, music and documents accumulated over the years are protected for a lifetime, while making those same files available wherever you are, on whatever device you’re carrying.

“Mozy has always protected its customers’ data against catastrophic loss,” said Russ Stockdale, General Manager of Mozy. “With Stash, Mozy customers will see a huge increase in the value they get from protecting their data with Mozy. Stash makes it easy to move from your computer at the office to your computer at home, without having to email files to yourself or mess around with USB drives.”

Simple and Complete

The growing popularity of various file synchronisation tools illustrates how our data needs have matured. While some of these tools enjoy wide acceptance, they force their customers to sacrifice complete protection for the availability of only a subset of those files created and accumulated over a lifetime. The combination of Mozy online backup plus Stash provides a complete data solution.

“Stash uses a simple single-folder model which complements your online backup so that all your data is available where and when you need it, even if you choose not to synchronise it,” said Stockdale.

Daniel Shirley, a MozyHome customer involved in an earlier stage of the beta concurs. “I've been a Mozy user for a few years and was anxious to try out the Stash beta to keep my files up to date between my computers at work and home. Stash was very easy to set up. But what I like best is that even when I forget to put a file in my Stash, Mozy online backup ensures that I can still find it online, and then download it. Everything is right there. The complementary value of online backup and Stash can’t be overstated, especially when comparing it to other providers.”

Together, Mozy online backup and Stash ensure that all files are protected and available to you from anywhere and from each of your computers as well as from iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Pricing and Availability

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