Get the most out of your photo session

Your child's first smile, laugh, and step only happen once. Capturing them on film can help you relive those first moments for years to come. Mozy teamed with expert photographer Graham Gardner of Kidsshots Photography to share insider tips on how to get the best photo of your little ones so you can forever remember those unmissable moments.

  • Get down to the same level as the baby; standing over a baby can be intimidating for them. 
  • Focus on the baby’s eyes and tilt the camera either direction by about 15 degrees so the eyes are no longer horizontal. This will make the shot more dynamic. 
  • Don’t try to get the child’s head in the centre of the photograph; "dead centre" can be "dead boring". Try to position your camera so that his or her head is to one side of the frame.
  • Portrait-format photographs suit the shape of toddlers better than landscape.
  • Never say “watch the birdie” or “say cheese”. You are after a natural shot to capture the essence of the child, not a self-conscious "grinning gargoyle"!
  • Demonstrate poses to older children rather than telling them how to turn. For example, left is confusing—whose left, and by how much? If you strike the pose yourself, it'll probably make them laugh, so be ready to capture it.
  • Don’t use your flash when photographing babies; it hardly ever looks natural and can upset the child. Instead use daylight wherever possible to light your picture naturally.
  • Use plain, simple backgrounds. Messy, busy backgrounds distract from the beauty of the baby and can confuse the viewer’s eyes.
  • Use a long lens if possible; a 200mm lens is far more flattering and the background will be out of focus.
  • If you are photographing friends’ babies, get the parents involved and have plenty of toys at the ready to attract the baby's attention.

Most of all, remember to relax, have fun, and enjoy this wonderful experience with your child!