“Mozy helps me manage all of those risks and recover data quickly, immediately. That makes everybody happy.”

More threats, more data to protect

Mickler & Associates, Inc. serves small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) across the United States and Canada. The business primarily focuses on the adoption and deployment of cloud-based IT solutions. Russell Mickler, Mickler & Associate’s principal technology consultant, has been a Mozy partner for more than eight years. During that time he has seen lots of changes that have influenced the way he does business. For example, Mickler says there are more attack vectors (and more devices, platforms and decentralisation!). And he says there’s more data—information that must be safeguarded from both internal and external threats.

As a Mozy Reseller, Mickler is able to offer a managed disaster recovery solution that complements his clients’ needs, regardless of their scale. “Mozy gives you the option to grow with your business, giving you flexibility and control over your storage pool,” Mickler says. Mickler & Associates covers backups for desktops, Macs, servers and NAS devices. In addition, the company also protects data created in the Google Apps domain using Spanning Backup, another solution from Dell.

Backing up endpoints with Mozy and data created in Google Apps with Spanning makes Mickler & Associates a one-stop shop not only for maintenance activity, but for disaster recovery activity as well. The company’s clients are mostly technical professionals who rely on Mickler himself for his expertise in mean time between failures (MTBF), operating system vulnerabilities and data storage for all of their endpoint devices. Using the Mozy solution allows Mickler to centrally manage all of his clients’ backups and provide them with enterprise-level capabilities, among other benefits.

An increase in cybercrime

Recently, Mickler has noticed an increase in cybercrime. He emphasises that cyberthreats are a major concern within the marketplace and for his clients. “There is more of a concern for those running Windows and/or Outlook, since these are more vulnerable to cryptoware than Mac or Linux-based clients,” Mickler says. “In the past two years, Mickler & Associates has helped recover data for 11 clients, data loss that was attributed to cybercrime,” he adds. When asked how often he and his team see cybercrime, he states, “We’re dealing with cryptoware problems at least twice a month.”

Mickler recalls a recent incident:

“In May, a manufacturing company I manage was hit by a cryptovirus from a USB device that affected the computer of the company’s CEO, and then hit the common shares on their server. If Mozy had not been protecting the data on the server, all of their CAD data would have been entirely lost.”

Small shops are no less vulnerable to the activities of cybercriminals. Mickler recounts a situation in which he was once again able to save the day using Mozy:

“In July, a company with two workstations was hit by a cryptovirus that affected the controller’s PC and her assistant’s computer. Once the machines were restored, it took me just under an hour to restore all of their data. Even the data within Dropbox was saved via Mozy! Without Mozy, all of that Dropbox content would have been permanently destroyed.” According to Mickler, trying to sell online backup is similar to preaching to consumers about safety checks for cars. “Usually, the consumer isn’t interested in spending money on an intangible,” he says. “However, once they’ve been hit by data loss, they become life-long advocates for tighter controls. Like anything else, to have a proactive approach to a problem, they have to have felt real pain. The product sells itself to those people.”

No feedback is a good thing

Mickler & Associates relies on Mozy cloud backup with more than 2 TB of data under management. Mickler says he rarely hears any feedback from his clients on Mozy, which is a good thing. “My clients don’t even realise Mozy is running in the background,” he says. “When disaster strikes, though, and I’m able to recover their file or a folder, they’re certainly glad Mozy backup is there.”

Mozy backup is something Mickler readily recommends to other technology professionals. “The Mozy-managed service dashboard can’t be beaten,” he says. “With support across Macs and Linux machines, server and workstation support, plus file sync, Mozy is a comprehensive, multi-platform solution that I can deploy anywhere. And it significantly lowers my costs as a technology professional.”

Gold stars for partner…and Mozy

Whether it’s a user who misplaces a file, accidentally deletes a folder or can’t find something that they’ve relocated; or a database file that has become corrupted and suspended a database service—Mozy is there. “Mozy helps me manage all of those risks and recover data quickly, immediately. That makes everybody happy.”

Mickler likes to say that his clients are awarding him gold stars, but he quickly admits that he couldn’t do it without the Mozy service.

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