If you think that big data only exists in data centers, think again! A massive amount of data is now being stored on laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices. And, what’s more, that data gets put at risk of loss, theft and damage twice a day as workers tote it around on their daily commute.

Mozy by EMC has uncovered the extent of this risk to business in its first ever “Data Miles” survey. With 4,000 respondents from the USA, UK, France and Germany, the research found that:

  • The average commuter takes 470 GB of company data home with them at the end of every day.
  • That’s 2,500 times the amount of data they’ll cause to move across on the Internet in the same timeframe.
  • Every day, 1.4 exabytes of data moves through New York City alone. That’s more data than will cross the entire internet in a day and equivalent to streaming 70,000 years of DVD-quality video.


  • As much as 33.5 PB of data will travel across the Oakland Bay Bridge every day.
  • As much as 49 PB of data will travel through the Lincoln Tunnel each day.
  • Up to 328 PB of data travels in the London Tube network every day.
  • 66 percent of commuters take corporate data home with them every day.
  • The data will typically travel 15.69 miles.

Up to 328 PB of data travels in the London Tube network every day.

With 41 percent of people having lost a device that stores data in the past 12 months, huge amounts of business data is put at risk as workers complete their daily commute.

But device loss doesn’t have to mean data loss, as data protection and availability has never been easier when it comes to laptops. Cloud backup services can automatically generate copies of data to securely store offsite. So, if the worst happens to a laptop on the commute, you can simply access the data from the cloud.

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For more information on the survey, check out our blog post or take a look at the heat maps below to find out how data moves through some of the world’s biggest cities.

Data Protection Index

If this got you thinking about data protection, why not find out more about data loss and downtime by exploring the EMC Global Data Protection Index, a global study into business readiness in the face of disaster.

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Heat Map for the City of London's Data Miles

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Heat Map for New York City's Data Miles

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Heat Map for San Francisco's Data Miles

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Heat Map for Paris' Data Miles

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Heat Map for Berlin's Data Miles

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Heat Map for Munich's Data Miles

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