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Smile! (Until you realise your phone is gone)

Lost and Found

Family gatherings, catching up with friends, the kids nativity play… there are so many reasons why we get snappy with our smartphones in the run-up to Christmas.


But, the memories that you’re trying to preserve may not last as long as you’d hoped if your phone doesn’t come home with you at the end of the day.


According to new research from Mozy, Saturday evenings in December are the most dangerous time to be playing fast and loose with your phone as this is the time of year that you’re most likely to lose something and smartphones are the most-lost items.  In fact, 70 per cent of us have lost gadgets like smartphones and laptops.


And, if it’s the memories on your phone that you value most, you’re not alone.  The majority of people who took part in our survey told us that it was the pictures, contacts and other documents on their phones that they missed most.


If you want the peace of mind to snap happy this Christmas, make sure that the stuff on your phone is protected.  Sync your phone with the Mozy app and make sure that your laptop is backed up with Mozy.  It’s simple, automatic and you can even get a version for free.


To check out Mozy sync and backup, visit www.mozy.co.uk .  Or, for further results from the survey, head over to www.mozy.co.uk/reports/lost-and-found

Photo-Fabulous Phones

One of the great things about having a camera on your phone is that it’s always with you so, even though you couldn’t know in advance that your mate was going to fall flat on his face in the mud, you’ll still be able to make sure that the rest of the world can share in his humiliation through the awesome power of Facebook.

But, for the really important occasions, most of us still like to take a conventional camera.  Weddings, christenings and barmizvahs demand a better quality of picture that you can generally get with six-times optical zoom on a clam phone.

So, we end up with two tiers of photos: everyday photos on your phone and special photos on your camera.  Which is all well and good until you want to share your pictures.  When trying to show off your boyfriend to colleagues in the bar after work, that picture of him in the mourning suit at your sister’s wedding is on your laptop at home and you have to choose between a snap of his Dot Cotton impression and that time he managed to balance a pizza box on his face.

And September can be one of the most frustrating months as you realise that all of the holiday pictures you took in Cancun are at home and your only record of summer is the check-in queue photo that you posted to twitter in an attempt to shame the airline into an upgrade.  How are you going to trump Dave-in-Finance’s pictures from Kavos with that?

Enter the Mozy App for iPhone and Android.  Mozy lets you access all of the data that you backed up on your computer right from your smartphone.  So, once you’ve synced your camera with your laptop, your back up will give you access to all your photos on your phone, regardless of which device you used to take them.

So, should you want to prove that the fish you caught on your trip really was ‘this big’ or the girl you met in Marbs really was ‘this hot’, all you have to do is reach for your phone.  You can even use the app to post the picture to Facebook so the rest of the world can witness your glory.

Of course, if your friends download the Mozy app, it may mean that they have every picture they’ve ever taken of you to hand at all the least opportune moments.  We apologise in advance for any future incidents where anyone reveals that experimental haircut you thought made you look edgy when you were 15.

Mobile and Sync Hit the Mozy Roadmap

The MozyBlog likes to think of itself as your SatNav to what lies ahead at Mozy so we’re excited to let you know that our compass is pointing straight to mobile apps followed by sync functionality a little bit further down the track.

This week, Mozy was at CeBIT speaking about its iPhone and Android apps for the first time.

Mozy’s mobile app will allow you to securely access the stuff you protect with Mozy, share select files such as photos with others, or view them on your phone. The app will also include convenience features such as photo thumbnail display which allows you to preview the files you’re looking for before downloading them in high-res.

Mozy also spoke about its beta trial for its new ‘sync’ functionality at the show.

This feature will allow users to put a Mozy sync folder on each of their computers. Any files that they put into this folder will be automatically synchronised on any other computers that they’ve installed the application on. This way, they always have the most up-to-date version of their files no matter which computer they’re using.

The sync functionality is just going into beta with a group of customers in the US, whilst the mobile functionality is set for a limited launch soon.

We think that, these new features will help our customers make more of the opportunities presented to them once their data is backed up to the Cloud.

To stay up to speed on where Mozy is with the roll out of these features, or to find out where we’re going next, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to this blog.  Or, for more information on our latest features, check out our Q&A.

Baby Tiana’s Recovery is Denise Van Outen’s Most Unmissable Moment

Babt Tiana

Some moments in life are truly unmissable. A child’s first steps, a 21st birthday or the time you met Brad Pitt are just the sort of things that you want to capture on film and treasure forever.

But if those pictures exist only on your camera, they’re just one hard-drive crash away from being wiped indefinitely. That’s why backing them up is so important.

Mozy recently ran its Unmissable Moments competition, judged by TV star and celebrity mum Denise Van Outen, to find the baby photo that mums would miss most if anything happened to it.

Denise selected a photograph entered by Lisa King as the winner. It captures a very special moment between her and her daughter Tiana, after Tiana underwent her third life-saving heart operation.

Denise, proud mum to baby Betsy, said: “This is such a touching moment between mother and daughter, it brought a tear to my eye. Tiana is a very brave little girl. After three heart operations she has proved to be a little fighter. This is a memorable picture to be treasured forever. I wish her a happy and healthy future.”

The winner, Lisa King said: “I was so excited to be told that my photo had been chosen by Denise Van Outen in the Mozy unmissable moments competition. My photo shows Tiana in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit when she was nine months old in Great Ormond Street Hospital after surviving her third operation. It is one of our most precious photos ever. I am pleased to say Tiana has recovered well since but will require more surgery in the future. Thank you so much Denise for picking our photo and for the kind words.”

The public voted this photo and five others as finalists, with the competition receiving over 30,000 votes in total.

The five other finalists in the competition were: Lisa Dempster, Kylie Martin, Nicola Reynolds, Loraine Bown, and Sarah Casey.

Don’t let your precious memories go down the pan

Picture: From original via Wales News

This image is one of 300 pictures that were recovered from a memory card found in a camera that was pulled from a sewer in Brecon, Mid Wales. The photos came to light when sewer workers discovered that the camera was the cause of a blockage in the drains of the Welsh town.

This is just one example of memories that are flushed away every day. Memories that it’s impossible to capture again. The girls in this picture look like they’re heading out to graduation ball or school prom. Perhaps it’s an 18th birthday? Either way, there’s no way to go back in time and capture those moments again.

And it’s not just your camera that can go missing. Accidentally flushing your camera down the toilet could lose you 300 pictures, but losing your laptop, or it simply crashing, could rob you of your entire photo collection. That’s why backing up your pictures is so important. Services such as Mozy can automate the whole process for you helping to make sure, if anything happens to your hardware, you’ve got a copy backed up online.

If you recognise anyone in our photo here, get in touch with the local authorities as they’re keen to reunite the girls with their pictures. Or, if you find a camera yourself, why not post an imageto IFoundYourCamera.Net and perhaps you can help someone else recapture a memory.

If, on the other hand, you think that relying on strangers to post your pictures back to you is too risky a tactic to protect your own memories, there’s always Mozy

Backup vs Archive – what you need to know

Read any home computing magazine nowadays and you’re bound to come across an article called ‘the future’s looking cloudy’. The explosion of services and applications hosted on the internet, or using the internet to store your data, means that there are literally hundreds of new opportunities for you to take advantage of. But, with a bewildering array of choice, how do you know which one is for you?

The first thing to realise is that all services are not created equally. That’s not to knock the tools that other companies are offering, it’s more to point out that different services solve different needs. So, before you look at any cloud service, you need to properly understand what you want from it. A little naval gazing on day one will save you a lot of pain down the line.

Ask yourself what you want your cloud service to do

Many people are looking to the cloud for online storage. We’re creating more data than ever before: recent estimates say that, by 2020, we’ll have created 35 trillion gigabytes of data collectively. MP3-based music collections, digital photography and video downloads are adding to our storage requirements and many of us now have large hard drives on our laptops or terabyte-sized external hard drives to increase storage.

Equally, the data we have on our home computers is increasingly valuable to us. We’re printing fewer and fewer of our photographs and, for many people, the copy on their laptop is the only one that exists. Our memories of our babies’ first steps, our weddings and other family occasions are just one hard drive crash from being wiped away forever. The same goes for lots of other computer files: academic studies you might be working on, recipes you’ve created, family history research – pretty much anything you might have on your PC could disappear forever.

Horses for courses

These two requirements are very different. The first is for storage – additional space in the cloud where you can move files from your computer so that you can delete them from your hard drive and free up capacity.

The second is for backup – creating a copy of your files on the cloud to protect your valuable data in the event that something happens to your computer and you can no longer access it.

The service you use needs to match your requirements.

When online storage is wrong

Using an online storage solution for your backup can be like creating a rod to beat your own back. Storage solutions, in general, are like online versions of the archive boxes you might have at work. When you want to free up space, you can move things you don’t access frequently up to the cloud, dropping them in your archive box.

Which is great for off-site storage but can be hugely time consuming if you’re trying to use them for backup. For the system to work effectively, you’d need to keep a record of every document you’d created or changed and upload them manually on a daily basis to the cloud. You’d need to find a way of naming them so they didn’t save over each other and also so you could work out which was your latest version.

Alternatively, if all you’re uploading is a set of documents you don’t want on your hard drive, then you won’t have a very effective backup solution as, if your computer went missing or broke down, you wouldn’t have copies of the documents you actually use on a regular basis.

Online backup, by comparison will create a mirror copy of all your files in the cloud. Good services will monitor changes to your documents and file structures and replicate those changes incrementally and automatically. That way, you always have the latest versions of your files that you can restore if you need them.

When online backup is wrong

Using an online backup service to free up capacity on your hard drive is just as problematic.

Because online backup solutions create a mirror copy of your computer files, if you change the files on your computer, these changes will be mirrored in the cloud. So, if you upload all your older documents to the cloud using a backup service, and then delete them on your PC to make some more space, the logic in the system will mark the corresponding cloud files for deletion too.

‘Versioning’ – the process by which all iterations of a file are kept in the cloud for 30 days to allow roll back – can give a false sense of security because, even though you’ve deleted your files on your PC, they still show in your backup directory. This is cold comfort however, as in 30 days time, your files will be gone.

When cloud is right

Both online backup and online storage offer huge benefits for their users: affordable, secure and scalable off-site hosting of your files can give you peace of mind or a faster computing experience.

But, before uploading your files to the cloud, think about the sort of service you need and make sure you understand what’s on offer. If you’re looking for online backup, check out Mozy.

Off with their heads!

Arguably, there is nothing more cathartic during the break-up process than cutting the heads of your former partner out of your photographs. According to research from Yahoo, 23 per cent of us systematically edit our exs out of our personal history books by slicing them out of our photo albums.

However, in the Web2.0 world in which we live, it’s more common to have digital snaps of our exs than prints.  And, hence, in the 21st Century, we’re more likely to be photoshopping our favourite film stars over the top of last year’s Mr Not-Quite Right than taking a pair of scissors to a 5×7 glossy.

Which is all well and good until you kiss and make up and have to explain why you went to your cousin’s wedding with someone carrying an Oscar.

That’s when good backup comes into its own.  With every saved version of your files from the last 30 days copied to the Cloud, it’s easy to roll back to an older version of a document that you’ve saved over.  So spur-of-the-moment decisions needn’t last a lifetime.

If only there were a Mozy equivalent for removing tattoos…