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Out of sync! Mismatched present wins prize

Out of sync - pathetic present wins prize

Mozy is proud to announce the winner of our Pathetic Presents competition.  Conor Buckley won with the mismatched present he received from his wife.

“It was funny but a little disappointing to find out that I’d bought my wife a new MacBook for Christmas and only got some novelty boxer shorts in return,” says Conor.  “But winning an iPad in Mozy’s competition really makes up for it!  I think that Mozy’s great and now we’ll be able to use Mozy Stash to synchronise data between my prize and my wife’s Christmas present.  Hopefully, that way, we’ll be more ‘in sync’ with our Christmas presents next year!”

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition.  We had some truly great (awful?) entries – it’s a good job you guys have such a great sense of humour!

We’re sorry that we couldn’t make you all winners but, if you didn’t win the prize, we’d still love to give you a free gift in the form of our MozyHome Free accounts.  Simply visit www.mozy.co.uk/home/free to download a free account.

We’ll be offering other chances to win with Mozy in the future so stay tuned!

Congratulations Conor!

Back up! You bought me what?

According to recent research, we Brits received £2.4bn worth of unwanted presents over the Christmas break.  That’s a lot of novelty socks, cheap perfume and tat with vague golfing allusions.

For those of you who feigned a smile of gratitude we reward you with two things:

1) The link to the Oxfam shop finder

2) The chance to swap your unwanted gift for a brand new iPad

That’s right, we want to give you the chance to get the gift you really wanted, simply by sending us a picture of the gift you got.  So, before you send your unloved presents to the charity shop, email us a picture to mystory@mozy.com, tweet them to us @mozyuk or post them to our Facebook or Google+ pages.   We’ll send out an iPad to the person we think is most deserving.
Check out our competition page for more info.

If you were one of the lucky ones, on the other hand, who’s already sitting pretty with the tablet of your dreams, we have a gift for you too!

For the whole of January, we’re offering 20.12% off of our annual and biennial subscriptions to MozyHome – giving you access to all of your backed-up files from your tablet.

So, no more memory sticks, cables or emailing yourself documents so you can see them on your tablet, just access them straight through the Mozy app.

Simply enter the promocode Mozy2012 at the checkout to get your 20.12% discount.

Happy New Year everyone!