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Save on World Backup Day

World Backup Day is March 31, 2013. Now is a great time to audit your current backup solution, make sure you know your backups are working and test restoring your files, This World Backup Day guide walks you through testing your own Mozy setup, and what to do if you’re not currently backing up.

Current Mozy Users – How to test your backups and restores

Now is a great time to make sure that you know how to restore your files. Run through a test restore with these instructions.

Running into any problems or have some questions? Our support team is standing by – they’re here to help!

Don’t Currently Backup?

What should you look for in a cloud backup provider? We’ve put together a helpful guide with some good questions to consider in your search.

  • Part 1 - Making Copies, Safekeeping, To the Cloud
  • Part 2 - Not Prepared to Lose, Create and Change
  • Part 3 - Incremental and Versioning, Backup Considerations

With over 3 million users, Mozy is a great choice for protecting your data. You can get started with a free 2GB account. Need more space? No problem – use the promo code “MozyMozy” (case sensitive) for 15% off all new  1- and 2- year MozyHome and MozyPro accounts from Good Friday to Friday the 5th of April 2013. Sign up for Mozy.

Backup is important for businesses as well. Over 90,000 businesses trust MozyPro with their important information. Find out how MozyPro can turn your backups into a competitive advantage for your company.


If I could turn back time

We all turned back the clock at the weekend, which may mean that the nights are darker, but at least it got us all an extra hour in bed!

But don’t you sometimes wish you could turn back time more than once a year?  Usually when something’s gone very wrong and you wish you had the opportunity to see it coming  – or worse still not be the one who caused all the trouble.  As Cher once pined ‘if I could turn back time…’

Fortunately, the technology exists today for us to be able to wind back time in our digital lives, even if we can’t do it in real life.

The versioning feature of online backup solutions, like Mozy’s, means that you can literally turn back time on your computer and restore it to however it was in the last 30 days.

Accidentally saved over a really important file?  Deleted a whole folder instead of just one file?  Deleted your partners play list two hours before the party?  Saved the comedy photoshopped  picture over the original?  Accidentally wrecked a complex formula in a spreadsheet?

Never mind, just turn back to the last version before you messed up and your bacon is saved.

What about if you’ve just plain forgotten to do something?  Well, if it’s picking up the kids from school, Mozy can’t help.  But if you were meant to email a file before you left the office or you were meant to produce a report but a vital bit of information is still saved on your desktop at work, well, Stash can help.

Using Mozy’s file access and sync solutions, all your data is wherever you want it to be, whenever you want it.  You can even email it to your boss without downloading it first, right from your smartphone.

So, when you next want to turn back time – and it’s not the end of October – see if Mozy can help.

Get more Mozy goodness for free

If you have a MozyHome Free account, you’re already able to backup 2GB of data. That’s enough to backup a whole iPod Shuffle or 250,000 emails.  But, what if you’ve got more stuff you want to protect but don’t need a full MozyHome 50GB account?

Well, as a wily Mozy user, you can get your mitts on as much storage space as you could possibly need, simply by helping your friends and family to protect their data too.

Every time you recommend Mozy to a new user, you’ll both get 256MB of additional space added to your account absolutely free.  So, whilst there may be no such thing as a free lunch, you can gorge yourself on delicious free Mozy space simply by helping others to protect the stuff they love.

To make a referral, just login to your Mozy account, click ‘referrals’ in the left-hand navigation menu and you’ll find your unique referral code there for you to share.  You’ll also find a weblink that will automatically log your referral if your contacts click on it.

For more information on how Mozy referrals work, login to Mozy and click here.

The referral programme is a great way to make your MozyHome Free account grow with you.  If you want to back up 85 new text emails a day, all you have to do is make one referral a year and you’ll never hit your limit.

So, if you know a new mum, why not encourage her to backup her baby snaps?  Or, if your friend is into family history, maybe you can help them protect their research.

As Jerry Maguire almost said once: help us, help you, help someone and we’ll help you out in return.  That’s a lot of helping!

And, speaking of help, don’t forget that even MozyHome Free customers get access to our great support portal where you can read a whole host of articles that will teach you how to get the most out of Mozy.  You can even use the forums if you need more assistance.

So, just in case you missed it, MozyHome Free is totally free and, with just a little bit of effort, can keep growing with you.  So what’s stopping you?  Who are you going to tell about Mozy?

Photo-Fabulous Phones

One of the great things about having a camera on your phone is that it’s always with you so, even though you couldn’t know in advance that your mate was going to fall flat on his face in the mud, you’ll still be able to make sure that the rest of the world can share in his humiliation through the awesome power of Facebook.

But, for the really important occasions, most of us still like to take a conventional camera.  Weddings, christenings and barmizvahs demand a better quality of picture that you can generally get with six-times optical zoom on a clam phone.

So, we end up with two tiers of photos: everyday photos on your phone and special photos on your camera.  Which is all well and good until you want to share your pictures.  When trying to show off your boyfriend to colleagues in the bar after work, that picture of him in the mourning suit at your sister’s wedding is on your laptop at home and you have to choose between a snap of his Dot Cotton impression and that time he managed to balance a pizza box on his face.

And September can be one of the most frustrating months as you realise that all of the holiday pictures you took in Cancun are at home and your only record of summer is the check-in queue photo that you posted to twitter in an attempt to shame the airline into an upgrade.  How are you going to trump Dave-in-Finance’s pictures from Kavos with that?

Enter the Mozy App for iPhone and Android.  Mozy lets you access all of the data that you backed up on your computer right from your smartphone.  So, once you’ve synced your camera with your laptop, your back up will give you access to all your photos on your phone, regardless of which device you used to take them.

So, should you want to prove that the fish you caught on your trip really was ‘this big’ or the girl you met in Marbs really was ‘this hot’, all you have to do is reach for your phone.  You can even use the app to post the picture to Facebook so the rest of the world can witness your glory.

Of course, if your friends download the Mozy app, it may mean that they have every picture they’ve ever taken of you to hand at all the least opportune moments.  We apologise in advance for any future incidents where anyone reveals that experimental haircut you thought made you look edgy when you were 15.

Ten things you might not know about Mozy

Mozy has been around for over five years now – but we’ve not stood still.  So, if you signed up to Mozy some time ago, you may not know about all the features and functionality that exist in Mozy today.   Here’s our list of ten things you might not have known you can do with Mozy.

1)      Access your files anywhere

With Mozy’s web access portal, you can log into your Mozy account from any web-connected device and get the files you want, whenever you want them.

2)      Get your files on your phone

With the Mozy app, you can browse and download any of your backed-up files on your iPhone or Android mobile.

3)      Use Mozy to transfer files to your iPad or Android tablet

Don’t worry about whether you created your files on your laptop or desktop, access them all from your iPad or Android tablet using Mozy.

4)      Preview your files before you restore them

Don’t waste time and bandwidth guessing which files you want to download, use Mozy’s thumbnail previews to check them out first.

5)      Back up your NAS

If the primary copy of your data is on your NAS, make sure that’s what you’re backing up with MozyConnect.

6)      Back up to an external hard drive as well as the Cloud

Two backups are better than one!  Use Mozy 2xProtect for fast local backup and reliable offsite back up.

7)      Remotely email a file to someone else

If you don’t have your computer with you but you get an urgent request for a document, you can email it without even having to download it yourself with the Mozy App.

8)      Back up multiple devices on the same MozyHome account

As lots of us today have more than one device in our homes, you can now backup as many as five computers on a MozyHome account.

9)      Help track your laptop should it get stolen

As well as helping you get your data back in the event that your computer is stolen, we might also be able to help the police locate your device.  If your computer is taken, contact support at Mozy for help.

10)   Transfer an exact copy of your file tree to a new computer when you upgrade

Mozy makes transferring data to a new computer child’s play.  Simply log into your account from your new device to copy over all your files in exactly the same structure.

And one on the way!

11)   Sync your files between your phone, tablet and other computers with Mozy Stash

Mozy Stash is still in beta so didn’t quite make our list but soon users will be able to synchronise documents across their devices with this nifty new feature.

Backup to 1981 and celebrate 30 years of the PC

It’s 30 years since the world’s first IBM-compatible PC was unveiled to the world and, my, haven’t things changed?

Back on the 12th of August 1981, audiences at the Waldorf Astoria in New York gasped at the awesome power of the IBM 5150, which, for a mere $20,000, could offer a maximum of 256kB of memory (assuming, of course, that you boosted the 64kB of memory on the motherboard with three 64kB expansion cards).

Who could have known back then how central to our lives PCs would become?  Who could predict that some of our most precious memories would live on our PCs and that we would become so attached to that information that we’d want everywhere access to it?

Sometimes, the value of the digital information we’ve accumulated over the years isn’t terribly apparent – the PC has quietly picked up more and more roles without us noticing.  But, for many of us, the PC is our address book, photo album, music library, diary, home accounts ledger, home video library and much more.

But, as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben says: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”  And so it is with the PC.  We rely on our computers to store all that precious data.  However, unless you happen to be a government research facility, you’re unlikely to have a ‘supercomputer’ and everyday PCs are prone to everyday errors and occasional failures.  So, rather than hoping your PC is has super powers and relying on it in isolation, back up your information!

You can back up as much as 50GB of data with Mozy for just £4.99 – that’s 200,000 times the memory of the expanded IBM 5150.  Or 125GB (500,000 times) for £7.99.  A trial version is also available with a free 2GB option on MozyHome.

And, if you’re addicted to your PC and want your data at your fingertips everywhere you go, check out our mobile apps which allow you to access all your backed-up data on your Android or Apple mobile devices.

That tune is smokin’!

According to a report in today’s Metro (www.metro.co.uk), Saturday’s fire at the London Park Lane Hilton sent Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am into a spin as he hurried to protect his laptop, which contained the latest edits of the band’s new album.

It’s moments like these that make us realise just how valuable the information on our computers really is.

Now, you may not have the only version of the next multi-platinum-selling album saved to your hard drive, but each of us has our own precious stuff there that we’d hate to lose.  That’s why having a backup copy of the files you treasure is so important.

Mozy customer Beth Lutz knows just what it’s like to lose everything in a fire.  You can hear her story, and how Mozy helped, in this video:

Five tips for keeping your laptop safe in the sun

Top tips for backup in the sun

If you’ve been living in an air-conditioned, hermetically-sealed bunker this week you may have missed the news that not only have we had record temperatures for Wimbledon week, we’ve also got a Brit through to the men’s quarter finals.

For those people who are genuinely working from home this week (and watching the tennis with one eye whilst checking your Blackberry with the other doesn’t count), the thought has probably crossed your mind to make the most of the weather and decamp to the alfresco office that is the back garden.

However, whilst we may love the sun, our computers don’t necessarily agree (by and large, they really would prefer to be in an air-conditioned, hermetically-sealed bunker).  So, before trailing the extension lead out to the lawn and setting up a deck-chair desk, here are Mozy’s top five tips for keeping your laptop happy in the sun.

1)      Shade is your friend

Most office-issued laptops come in a black case, which is just perfect for absorbing the sun’s rays.  Batteries will lose life forever if overheated and hard drives that expand in the warmth will be prone to head crashes.  Keep your laptop under 35 degrees Centigrade to keep your computer safe.

2)      Time is a great healer

Carrying a working laptop from blazing heat to the cool of your home, or vice versa, encourages sudden expansion or contraction of the parts whilst still in operation.  Shutting down your computer before you move in and out, and giving it time to acclimatise before rebooting, will help to protect your device.

3)      A watched computer never boils

Leaving your computer unattended in the sun is never a good idea.  That rings true if it’s in the garden or in your car.  If it’s too hot to leave a pet or a child, it’s too hot to leave your laptop.

4)      Don’t sweat it

High humidity can lead to condensation in the circuits of your computer so, if you’re feeling sweaty, the chances are that your computer is too …only the computer issues can’t be fixed by a wipe with a towel.  If the humidity outside is over 80 per cent, it’s advisable to keep your computer indoors.

5)      Back up

The whole point of a laptop is that it’s portable so you shouldn’t be afraid of taking it where you want to use it.  If you have an online backup of your files, should the worst happen and your hard drive stops working, you’ll always have a copy of them in the cloud.

So, enjoy some fun in the sun and remember to protect your computer and protect yourself – slip, slap, slop people!

Time to back up

Today is the longest day of the year in the UK and Ireland, where we get a full 8 hours and 49 minutes more daylight than we’ll be getting on the shortest day this winter.

So, why not use those extra minutes to do one thing that will save you time for the rest of the year?

Signing up to Mozy and setting your backup preferences takes only a few minutes – but it will automate your backup for the rest of the year.  No more manual backups to hard drives, tape or USB sticks and no more worrying about what might happen if you ever lose your files.

Simply visit www.mozy.co.uk or www.mozy.ie to get started.

We are one!

It’s time to light the candles and cut the cake for mozy.co.uk and mozy.ie are celebrating their first birthdays!

That’s a year since Mozy launched a service based on:

-         Local websites

-         Local support teams

-         Local data centres

-         Local pricing

But we haven’t stood still over the past year!  We now also have:

-         An online support portal

-         Mozy 2.0 for Windows and Mac

-         2xProtect for local and online backup

-         25% faster uploads

And there’s more on the way with:

-         The Mozy app for iOS and Android

-         An enhanced restore experience

-         Synchronisation capabilities

To celebrate our first year in the UK and Ireland, we’re offering residents in the UK and Ireland a chance to win a year of Mozy protection for free.

All you have to do is follow @mozyuk on twitter and tweet and complete “@mozyuk Mozy is the 1 for me because…” between now and the end of May.  At the end of the month, three winners will be chosen at random.