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Tablet time

According to new figures, on Christmas Day, 17.4 million new Android and iOS tablets were activated worldwide.  17.4 million! That’s nearly twice the number of turkeys roasted in the whole of the UK to celebrate the holiday and 2.5 times the number of devices activated on the same day the year before.


But, once you’ve got your new tablet, what do you do with it?  To start with, there’s obviously Angry Birds and distorting pictures of your face so that you look like an alien.  But, by now, of the 17.4 million people who unwrapped their tablets on Christmas Day, there can only be a handful that aren’t looking for a bit more from their new devices.


And that’s where content really is king!  What you can do with your tablet will come down to what you can get on your tablet.  Or, if you’re a Mozy user, what you can Stash!


Stash, along with the Mozy App, allows you to move your data between your computers, smartphones and tablets, either automatically, or on demand.


Start a document on your laptop in the office, add to it on your smartphone on the train and finish on your tablet when you get home.  It’s simple with Stash.  Got photos on your laptop, pictures on your phone and snaps all over the place?  Flick through all your photo albums in one place on your tablet.


If you’re one of the 17.4 million Christmas tablet owners – or one of the 4 million people a day who buy a new tablet – why not check out what Stash can do for you?  You can even get your first 2GB for free.

Party like it’s 1999 – or whenever you want to back up to…

Office Xmas Party

Christmas is all about tradition. And there is no tradition better instilled into office life than regretting everything that happened at the office party.

We all know that alcohol and office tasks don’t mix – which is why it’s usually frowned upon to swig from a bottle of scotch whilst handling customer calls – but, in some work places, rules (like staff) become a little fuzzy in the festive season.

So, if you’re entertaining clients, beware of the long, boozy, Christmas lunch. It might seem that all is going well until you get back to your desk at half-past three and discover that your fingers aren’t hitting the keys on your computer that you intended them to. This is when it’s all too easy to find out that you’ve not deleted that email you don’t need; you’ve deleted a whole folder of email. You may also find yourself more than usually cavalier when it comes to saving documents over one another (and totally unfazed by the realisation at the time).

The office Christmas party can also be as dangerous as an under-cooked turkey and just as likely to leave you feeling sick to your stomach in the morning. In the ‘age of austerity’, more businesses are eschewing posh hotels and restaurants to host their Christmas parties in the office itself. This means that the opportunity to find yourself merrily sniggering with a colleague as you boot up your computer, open a document and proceed to ‘find and replace’ your boss’s name with ‘Mr Bumface’ is stronger than any of us would like.

Fortunately, the wonders of modern technology mean that none of these blunders are irreversible. An online backup system, like Mozy, will allow you to retrieve anything that you’ve deleted by accident and, just as importantly, restore any documents that you’ve tampered with to their untainted versions.

Unfortunately, Mozy can’t do anything to help if you’ve kissed Sarah from accounts or thrown up in the recycling bin but, whilst your personal reputation might be in tatters, at least you’re safe in the knowledge that no harm has come to the company.

Enjoy Christmas responsibly with Mozy!