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That was the year that was!

What a year 2011 was!  The News of the World closed, two Royals got married and a dog called Fenton won international fame when he accidentally shepherded a herd of deer into the road.

And things haven’t been standing still at Mozy either.  In 2011, we saw:

-       The launch of the Mozy app for Android and iOS devices allowing access to all your backed-up data wherever you are

-       The launch of the new Mozy restore process making getting your data back easier than ever

-       An improved web access experience

-       The start of the private beta for Mozy Stash in the USA that will allow easy syncronisation of files across multiple devices.

And 2012 is set to offer more of the same with the public beta of Stash on the horizon and new features and functions for both MozyHome and MozyPro so stay tuned to the MozyBlog to be the first with all the news!

In the meantime, we’d like to wish everyone a very happy New Year from all of us at Mozy.

Clean up with backup

Returning to the office after the Christmas break can be a bit of an eye opener. Throughout the year, we see the pile of papers growing on our desks page by page, and the emails (read and actioned but unfiled) stack up in out inboxes. And it all grows so quietly that we barely notice them. But, after all that ‘resting the eyes’ that we’ve indulged in whilst lounging over the holidays, the sight of all those files can be overwhelming in the New Year.

So, in between your personal resolutions to lose weight and to save more money, why not take some steps this New Year to get organised in the office too?

Here are our top tips to help you out:

1) Sort the wheat from the chaff
Before filing, backing up or doing anything else, it’s important to understand what data is important to you. Most of us use just a fraction of the documents that we have. Storing defunct documents not only incurs costs, it also makes it much harder to find the data that you need.

2) Know which data you’re required to protect
The Tax Office, industry associations and many other organisations require certain documents to be available for inspection years after they are created. Make sure you know what you need to keep before you get bin happy. Then make sure you protect it – ‘the dog ate my tax return’ isn’t going to wash with the authorities, no matter how true it may be.

3) Understand what you need access to most
File trees and alphabetical filing is logical but if it takes 18 clicks to get to your most-used documents, they aren’t practical. Archive what you use least and what you use most will be easier to find.

4) Make sure that your confidential documents remain confidential
Password protect your devices and files – especially if you’re carrying data on USB sticks that are easily lost or stolen. Consider using a solution from a supplier like Snuko to lock down your data if it falls into the wrong hands.

5) Make sure you have a backup plan
Once you’ve got your documents in order, don’t risk losing them all! Online backup providers like Mozy can create a copy of your documents (in a replica of the file structure that you use on your own computer) online that you can access if anything happens to your primary copy.