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‘Tis the migration season to be jolly

We at Mozy (or at least the contributors to this blog and that’s who really matter) are a little bit fond of new technology, so there are a number of gadgets featuring on our Christmas lists this year (Santa, if you’re reading this, I’ve been a really good boy and totally deserve an iPhone 4S in my stocking!).

But, whilst we can’t get enough of the thrill of putting the first finger print on a touch screen, it always seems to come with the rather dull admin-like chore of migrating everything from the old devices to the new ones.

Like the technological equivalent of having to do the washing up after Christmas dinner, migrating your information tries to steal up and steal the fun out of the big day.

Because, whilst there’s always stuff you want to leave behind on an old computer, tablet or smartphone – such as buggy software or the pictures your nephew took whilst you were asleep last Christmas afternoon -  there’s also stuff you’d rather like to keep – your wedding video, tax return and the start of that novel that you’re DEFINTELY going to finish this year.

Thankfully, like the Christmas fairies (AKA Mums) who do all the washing up whilst you doze in front of the Queen’s Speech, there’s also someone to take the burden of sorting out your new laptop off you too.

If you’ve got Mozy, all you need to do is log in from your new device, and we can help put all your data on your new computer, exactly where it was before.  No fuss, no wires and certainly no ferrying data back and forth on memory sticks in a process that feels like bailing out a swimming pool with a teaspoon.

You can find out how to move to a new computer here.

Plus, with the Mozy’s mobile app, you can simply access all of your backed-up data from you new tablet without having to move any files at all.  It’s as easy as falling off a Christmas log!

Of course, if you don’t have Mozy, it’s never too late.  Our Christmas gift to you is a free online backup account that will allow you to protect, access and move 2GB of data.

There we are – another good deed!  Santa, are you watching?

Merry Christmas everyone from the team at Mozy.

Get Safe Online with Mozy

It’s Get Safe Online Week, a government initiative where businesses and consumers in the UK are challenged to ask “What could I do better to protect my digital life?”

To help people along the journey, those good folks at GetSafeOnline have launched a whole raft of tools on their website including some helpful hints on how to protect your computer.

Needless to say, backup is one of their key recommendations.

We’re totally behind Get Safe Online Week but wish that every week were a week when people protected their digital lives.  That’s why, any day, of any week, anyone can download Mozy for free to use to protect their most important computer files.

To find out more about Get Safe Online Week, visit or to get Mozy, find us at