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If I could turn back time

We all turned back the clock at the weekend, which may mean that the nights are darker, but at least it got us all an extra hour in bed!

But don’t you sometimes wish you could turn back time more than once a year?  Usually when something’s gone very wrong and you wish you had the opportunity to see it coming  – or worse still not be the one who caused all the trouble.  As Cher once pined ‘if I could turn back time…’

Fortunately, the technology exists today for us to be able to wind back time in our digital lives, even if we can’t do it in real life.

The versioning feature of online backup solutions, like Mozy’s, means that you can literally turn back time on your computer and restore it to however it was in the last 30 days.

Accidentally saved over a really important file?  Deleted a whole folder instead of just one file?  Deleted your partners play list two hours before the party?  Saved the comedy photoshopped  picture over the original?  Accidentally wrecked a complex formula in a spreadsheet?

Never mind, just turn back to the last version before you messed up and your bacon is saved.

What about if you’ve just plain forgotten to do something?  Well, if it’s picking up the kids from school, Mozy can’t help.  But if you were meant to email a file before you left the office or you were meant to produce a report but a vital bit of information is still saved on your desktop at work, well, Stash can help.

Using Mozy’s file access and sync solutions, all your data is wherever you want it to be, whenever you want it.  You can even email it to your boss without downloading it first, right from your smartphone.

So, when you next want to turn back time – and it’s not the end of October – see if Mozy can help.

Get more Mozy goodness for free

If you have a MozyHome Free account, you’re already able to backup 2GB of data. That’s enough to backup a whole iPod Shuffle or 250,000 emails.  But, what if you’ve got more stuff you want to protect but don’t need a full MozyHome 50GB account?

Well, as a wily Mozy user, you can get your mitts on as much storage space as you could possibly need, simply by helping your friends and family to protect their data too.

Every time you recommend Mozy to a new user, you’ll both get 256MB of additional space added to your account absolutely free.  So, whilst there may be no such thing as a free lunch, you can gorge yourself on delicious free Mozy space simply by helping others to protect the stuff they love.

To make a referral, just login to your Mozy account, click ‘referrals’ in the left-hand navigation menu and you’ll find your unique referral code there for you to share.  You’ll also find a weblink that will automatically log your referral if your contacts click on it.

For more information on how Mozy referrals work, login to Mozy and click here.

The referral programme is a great way to make your MozyHome Free account grow with you.  If you want to back up 85 new text emails a day, all you have to do is make one referral a year and you’ll never hit your limit.

So, if you know a new mum, why not encourage her to backup her baby snaps?  Or, if your friend is into family history, maybe you can help them protect their research.

As Jerry Maguire almost said once: help us, help you, help someone and we’ll help you out in return.  That’s a lot of helping!

And, speaking of help, don’t forget that even MozyHome Free customers get access to our great support portal where you can read a whole host of articles that will teach you how to get the most out of Mozy.  You can even use the forums if you need more assistance.

So, just in case you missed it, MozyHome Free is totally free and, with just a little bit of effort, can keep growing with you.  So what’s stopping you?  Who are you going to tell about Mozy?

Back up! You bought me what?

According to recent research, we Brits received £2.4bn worth of unwanted presents over the Christmas break.  That’s a lot of novelty socks, cheap perfume and tat with vague golfing allusions.

For those of you who feigned a smile of gratitude we reward you with two things:

1) The link to the Oxfam shop finder

2) The chance to swap your unwanted gift for a brand new iPad

That’s right, we want to give you the chance to get the gift you really wanted, simply by sending us a picture of the gift you got.  So, before you send your unloved presents to the charity shop, email us a picture to, tweet them to us @mozyuk or post them to our Facebook or Google+ pages.   We’ll send out an iPad to the person we think is most deserving.
Check out our competition page for more info.

If you were one of the lucky ones, on the other hand, who’s already sitting pretty with the tablet of your dreams, we have a gift for you too!

For the whole of January, we’re offering 20.12% off of our annual and biennial subscriptions to MozyHome – giving you access to all of your backed-up files from your tablet.

So, no more memory sticks, cables or emailing yourself documents so you can see them on your tablet, just access them straight through the Mozy app.

Simply enter the promocode Mozy2012 at the checkout to get your 20.12% discount.

Happy New Year everyone!

Photo-Fabulous Phones

One of the great things about having a camera on your phone is that it’s always with you so, even though you couldn’t know in advance that your mate was going to fall flat on his face in the mud, you’ll still be able to make sure that the rest of the world can share in his humiliation through the awesome power of Facebook.

But, for the really important occasions, most of us still like to take a conventional camera.  Weddings, christenings and barmizvahs demand a better quality of picture that you can generally get with six-times optical zoom on a clam phone.

So, we end up with two tiers of photos: everyday photos on your phone and special photos on your camera.  Which is all well and good until you want to share your pictures.  When trying to show off your boyfriend to colleagues in the bar after work, that picture of him in the mourning suit at your sister’s wedding is on your laptop at home and you have to choose between a snap of his Dot Cotton impression and that time he managed to balance a pizza box on his face.

And September can be one of the most frustrating months as you realise that all of the holiday pictures you took in Cancun are at home and your only record of summer is the check-in queue photo that you posted to twitter in an attempt to shame the airline into an upgrade.  How are you going to trump Dave-in-Finance’s pictures from Kavos with that?

Enter the Mozy App for iPhone and Android.  Mozy lets you access all of the data that you backed up on your computer right from your smartphone.  So, once you’ve synced your camera with your laptop, your back up will give you access to all your photos on your phone, regardless of which device you used to take them.

So, should you want to prove that the fish you caught on your trip really was ‘this big’ or the girl you met in Marbs really was ‘this hot’, all you have to do is reach for your phone.  You can even use the app to post the picture to Facebook so the rest of the world can witness your glory.

Of course, if your friends download the Mozy app, it may mean that they have every picture they’ve ever taken of you to hand at all the least opportune moments.  We apologise in advance for any future incidents where anyone reveals that experimental haircut you thought made you look edgy when you were 15.

That tune is smokin’!

According to a report in today’s Metro (, Saturday’s fire at the London Park Lane Hilton sent Black Eyed Peas’ into a spin as he hurried to protect his laptop, which contained the latest edits of the band’s new album.

It’s moments like these that make us realise just how valuable the information on our computers really is.

Now, you may not have the only version of the next multi-platinum-selling album saved to your hard drive, but each of us has our own precious stuff there that we’d hate to lose.  That’s why having a backup copy of the files you treasure is so important.

Mozy customer Beth Lutz knows just what it’s like to lose everything in a fire.  You can hear her story, and how Mozy helped, in this video:

The New Year’s resolution you can actually keep

Nearly two thirds of Brits planned to make a New Year’s resolution this week, according to research from insurance comparison service Go Compare, with weight loss topping the list.
After the excesses of the Christmas holidays, it’s no wonder that people are in the mood to shed a few pounds. However, most of us know that, in spite of our best intentions, our resolve will simply dissolve before we have the chance to see our goals through. 54% of people answering the survey admitted they would probably have broken their pledge by the end of January. And many of us us have probably given up already.

So, why not make a resolution that requires just one action today but will continue to bring you benefits throughout the whole year (and many years to come)?

Getting organised and protecting your digital life is a great resolution and couldn’t be easier. Signing up with an online backup provider like Mozy only takes a few minutes, you simply create an account and choose which types of files and folders you want protected. From there on in, every important document you create, digital photo you take or music track you download will be protected in the event that your computer is lost, damaged or stolen.

Plus you can do the whole thing sat on your sofa whilst you watch the telly. Which is more than can be said for taking up jogging. You may have to put down your chocolate bar whilst you type in a user name – but that only requires restraint for moment or two and even I can manage that.

Baby Tiana’s Recovery is Denise Van Outen’s Most Unmissable Moment

Babt Tiana

Some moments in life are truly unmissable. A child’s first steps, a 21st birthday or the time you met Brad Pitt are just the sort of things that you want to capture on film and treasure forever.

But if those pictures exist only on your camera, they’re just one hard-drive crash away from being wiped indefinitely. That’s why backing them up is so important.

Mozy recently ran its Unmissable Moments competition, judged by TV star and celebrity mum Denise Van Outen, to find the baby photo that mums would miss most if anything happened to it.

Denise selected a photograph entered by Lisa King as the winner. It captures a very special moment between her and her daughter Tiana, after Tiana underwent her third life-saving heart operation.

Denise, proud mum to baby Betsy, said: “This is such a touching moment between mother and daughter, it brought a tear to my eye. Tiana is a very brave little girl. After three heart operations she has proved to be a little fighter. This is a memorable picture to be treasured forever. I wish her a happy and healthy future.”

The winner, Lisa King said: “I was so excited to be told that my photo had been chosen by Denise Van Outen in the Mozy unmissable moments competition. My photo shows Tiana in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit when she was nine months old in Great Ormond Street Hospital after surviving her third operation. It is one of our most precious photos ever. I am pleased to say Tiana has recovered well since but will require more surgery in the future. Thank you so much Denise for picking our photo and for the kind words.”

The public voted this photo and five others as finalists, with the competition receiving over 30,000 votes in total.

The five other finalists in the competition were: Lisa Dempster, Kylie Martin, Nicola Reynolds, Loraine Bown, and Sarah Casey.

Don’t let your precious memories go down the pan

Picture: From original via Wales News

This image is one of 300 pictures that were recovered from a memory card found in a camera that was pulled from a sewer in Brecon, Mid Wales. The photos came to light when sewer workers discovered that the camera was the cause of a blockage in the drains of the Welsh town.

This is just one example of memories that are flushed away every day. Memories that it’s impossible to capture again. The girls in this picture look like they’re heading out to graduation ball or school prom. Perhaps it’s an 18th birthday? Either way, there’s no way to go back in time and capture those moments again.

And it’s not just your camera that can go missing. Accidentally flushing your camera down the toilet could lose you 300 pictures, but losing your laptop, or it simply crashing, could rob you of your entire photo collection. That’s why backing up your pictures is so important. Services such as Mozy can automate the whole process for you helping to make sure, if anything happens to your hardware, you’ve got a copy backed up online.

If you recognise anyone in our photo here, get in touch with the local authorities as they’re keen to reunite the girls with their pictures. Or, if you find a camera yourself, why not post an imageto IFoundYourCamera.Net and perhaps you can help someone else recapture a memory.

If, on the other hand, you think that relying on strangers to post your pictures back to you is too risky a tactic to protect your own memories, there’s always Mozy

Unmissable Moments

What do you have as your screensaver? Chances are, it’s a picture of you family. Most of us like the reminder as we flick from our email to a spreadsheet that we’re at work for a reason – to support our loved ones and pay for the good times that we can spend with them.

And those good times are reflected in the pictures. Holidays, first steps and birthdays are likely to feature heavily. But what if you lost the picture of that unmissable moment in time that you can never go back and capture again? If your only copy is on your computer, a bump to your hard drive or a spilt cup of coffee could wipe it out forever. And that’s where online backup comes in. Simple, automatic and secure protection of those memories forever.

To celebrate the UK’s unmissable moments, Mozy has teamed up with celebrity Mum, Denise Van Outen to find the best example of a picture that a parent couldn’t bear to be parted from.

To enter, just upload your photo of an unmissable moment with your child here and you could win a photography prize package worth £800, including a personalised HP laptop, digital photo frame, digital camera and an annual MozyHome online backup subscription to help keep those precious photos safe. All five remaining finalists will win a £140 runner-up prize which includes a digital photo frame and an annual MozyHome subscription.

The competition is open until the 5th of November and you can find all of the rules here.

Denise understands the issues only too well as a flood in her own home destroyed all her family snaps. So, as she records Betsy’s unmissable moments, she’s making sure that everything is backed up with Mozy. You can read all about Denise’s involvement with the contest in an exclusive interview in the Sunday Mirror.

Good luck with the competition – we look forward to seeing your entries!

Backup more important than times tables say British teachers

Not so long ago, every school child in the country could expect a September trip to the stationers to stock up on coloured pencils, ink cartridges and bizarre geometry sets that did something complicated an mathematical.

However, kids today scoff (in a derisory rather than tuck-shop fashion) at these antiquated tools of the past, with 78 per cent of teachers demanding homework is done on a computer.

As a result, in a survey of 500 teachers, Mozy found that the three things that teachers thought would be least useful to kids in the next five years were:

• Access to a public library
• A fountain pen
• Times tables

For the school kids of the techno generation, the future involves a different type of back-to-school shopping, with teachers saying that, in the next five years, the top three tools that kids will need are:

• Internet access
• Software to protect their work – such as antivirus and online backup
• A dictionary

Other tools like calculators, encyclopaedias and protractors are also to be consigned to the rubbish bin with less than a fifth of teachers rating any of these as essential tools for homework in the coming years.

The best thing about this is that backup is free – or it is with Mozy if you click here. Which leaves us with just one problem: how do you carve your name on your ruler without a compass?

Calculators - consigned to history (but not history lessons)

Calculators - consigned to history (but not history lessons)