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How much is the data on your laptop worth to you?


Maybe it depends what you do with your laptop.  Personal documents can have huge sentimental value (what if you lost your baby photos?) but losing work documents could have a huge impact on your company’s bottom line – or maybe your bonus.


And what if you wrote one of the country’s most popular TV shows and last year’s National Book Awards Non-Fiction Book of the Year?  Maybe the content on your laptop is potentially worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenues from scripts and books.

It’s that realisation that must have hit national treasure Miranda Hart when her laptop was stolen this month:


“If people who stole my laptop last night in W6 out there. Please please please return. Precious creative projects all lost. Will reward. RT.”  Hart tweeted in a desperate attempt to retrieve the work that she lost along with her computer.  And it appears that she’s still waiting for an answer.


How much is the data worth or even the reward? Recent research from Mozy found that, where a reward was offered, the average bounty for a lost or stolen item was over £275.


I really hope that Miranda gets her computer back – not least because I want to find out what this season’s laugh is modeled on (please let it be Katy Perry’s Roar).  But our advice is to save the reward money and invest in the much more reliable and cost-effective use of online backup.


Businesses can protect their data from under £7 a month and home users from under £5.  Check out Mozy for more details.


So, don’t ever put yourself through the heart-stopping, sinking feeling that your data may be gone forever, just get backup.  Such fun!

Mozy Tritanium-plates Backup Service in the Netherlands

Mozy's tritanium-lined cloud protects 90PB of dataWith security concerns high on the agenda of consumers and businesses alike in the Netherlands, Mozy has introduced ‘Tritanium’™ technology to protect its cloud services.


Tritanium is the security methodology that Mozy has developed to help it earn the title of the world’s most trusted backup provider and hinges on three elements:


  • Military-grade security with an encryption key that only you know and the military considers uncrackable
  •  World-class data centres that keep your cloud data locked up like Fort Knox
  • A service that’s built to last, trusted by over six million people, 100,000 businesses and 800 giant corporations  – and owned by one of the 250 biggest companies in the world


In a recent survey, Mozy asked 150 Dutch people what measures they believed needed to be in place in order to consider a cloud service safe.


Encrypting your files with a code that only you know at the cloud vendor site


Independent certification that the data centre is secure at the cloud vendor site


An alarm to protect against unauthorised access at the cloud vendor site


Protection systems for fire, floods and earthquakes at the cloud vendor site


Knowing that the doors and windows in the data centre are locked at the cloud vendor site


Dividing it up, and having copies stored in different areas at the cloud vendor site


A 24-hour guard and patrol dogs at the cloud vendor site


Eyeball scanner to secure door at the cloud vendor site


*Other (please specify)



Top demands included encryption, certification and threat detection.  These – and 98 per cent of all other requirements are met with Mozy’s Tritanium-lined cloud.


With Mozy backup, a 12-digit key and 448 blowfish encryption, it would take, on average, 79 octillion (79,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) guesses to break into a single packet of your data. A computer randomly generating one billion guesses a second would take 8.3 million years to crack the code.


Mozy is also certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) – the world’s largest developer of international standards – in the field of information security management systems.


And, of course, the data centres aren’t **just** fitted with intrusion alarms – they are staffed 24x7x365 by technical and security staff, with earthquake detection and biometric entry systems.


So, if you’ve been putting off backup for another day, waiting for a solution that you can really trust – trust Tritanium.