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How much do restores cost UK businesses?

Cost of restoreIt’s not an easy question for anyone to answer – most IT managers will have a handle on how much they spend on backup, but how much they spend on restores, well that’s a different matter!


What about the man-hours cost though?


Gartner says that the average helpdesk call costs $20 in man-hours to resolve – which is about £13 to you and me.  That might be for something as simple as a password reset or it could be trawling through backup data for a lost contract.  But it’s an average so let’s work with it.


A typical Mozy user carrying out restores completes five each year.  So, assuming that all end users have a similar need to restore, basic maths tells us that would equate to a £65 per user per year spend.


Sounds too simple?  Sounds like a lot of restores?


That’s probably not surprising.  The barriers in place to prevent workers from carrying out restores may well be bringing down the number that actually happen.  Who really wants to contact their office IT support desk for help?  Who really wants to fill out a support ticket?  And who really wants to wait for their ticket to be processed and for their data to be retrieved?  Sure, if your laptop dies and you need your whole backup set restored to your new computer, then it’s worth it.  But, for one file though?


So, many people simply recreate the work that they’re trying to recover.  And how much does that cost?


We’re going to have to resort to some averages again here.  The average UK worker is paid around £25,000 a year.  That works out at £12.82 an hour, however, when you take the costs of employment into account (National Insurance, office space, statutory leave, etc) experts say that the average per-hour cost of a worker is closer to £23.86.


Even if they only took an hour to recreate each piece of lost work, the cost of the five would-be restores is £119.30


29.7m people are currently in employment in the UK and experts say that 25% of those work in an office.  So, if 7.43m people need five restores a year,  £885.8m could be lost annually through recreating office documents or £482.62m spent processing restore requests through helpdesks.


What’s the solution? End-user empowerment.  Simply giving workers the tools they need to resolve their own data loss issues can cut a huge slice out the cost of restores to your business.


With Mozy, users are able to simply navigate to the earlier location of their file in Windows Explorer and right click on the greyed-out name of any file (or older version of a file) that’s no longer available on their hard drives and restore it to their computers there and then.  For many files, it won’t take longer than opening something that’s actually stored locally.


How much do restores cost your business?  Why don’t you tell us in the comments below?