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What a lotta data!

Mozy's tritanium-lined cloud protects 90PB of data“Big data” isn’t always an easy concept to visualise in your mind.  Megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes…  How much data is a lot of data?


Mozy currently has 90PB of data under management and we’d say that’s a lot.


Compare it to some of the devices that you might have.  An entry-level iPhone comes with 8GB of storage, meaning you’d need to network 128 of them together in order to store one terabyte of data.  Or, to take it further, you’d need over 11.5 million iPhones to store the amount of data currently under Mozy’s management.  That’s the entire population of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (and another 1.5m people) buying an iPhone and joining their storage together.


Or compare it to the number of files that you could store using that much capacity.  90PB of storage would enable you to save the content of well over 8 trillion SMS text messages.  Sending a million text messages per second (which is fast texting even for a teenager!) it would take nearly 100 years to fill the space.


But, in reality we really do send that number of messages.  In the US alone, 2 trillion text messages are sent every year.  Most are deleted almost immediately, of course, but many are saved and the amount of data that’s being generated keeps growing.


The best way to protect your growing stash of data is to find an automatic solution for backup, like Mozy, that systematically checks for new files on your computer that meet your backup criteria and copies them securely to the cloud.


Next time: More on securing big data

The one that I want

File RestoreWhat’s backup for?  In case your computer’s stolen?  In case your hard drive packs up?  In case your house burns down?  Well, yes, all of those things but backup isn’t just for the big disasters.


If you thought that the most popular use of Mozy backup was to restore all of your data, you wouldn’t be quite right.  In fact, the most frequent request that we get here at Mozy is for one single file.


Why? Well, here are the super seven one-off uses for online backup that you might not have thought of:


1)   Accidentally saving over a file – If you’ve ever used one file as a template for another document that you want to create, you probably know the sinking feeling when you discover that, instead of renaming it, you’ve saved over something important.  Mozy lets you restore the original file.

2)   Overzealous cleaning up – It’s easy to get trigger happy when you’re deleting files to free up space, and it’s Murphy’s law that you realise almost immediately that you needed it after all.  Mozy lets you restore files you may have deleted.

3)   Realising that you need another file – Mozy’s sync solutions mean that, if you know you need a file, you can always have it to hand – but what about files from several years ago that you didn’t know you’d need?  Mozy backup lets you get at any of your backed up files from any web-connected computer.

4)   Not being able to email yourself a file – big files can be hard to move between your devices. Logging into Mozy from any device will allow you to restore any file you need from your backed-up data.

5)   Your file becomes corrupted – Not sure what happened to your file but it’s all gone wrong?  Just use Mozy to roll back to the last version of the file that works.

6)   You’ve plain lost a file – You know that you had a file but it’s just not there anymore.  It may have disappeared on your computer but if it was there before, it’ll still be in your Mozy backup.

7)   You’ve messed up – Sometimes you just realise that all the changes that you’ve made to a document are wrong.  But where did you go astray?  And how do you unpick what you’ve just done when you’ve already hit “save”?  With Mozy you can roll back to the document before you changed it.


So, whether it’s your whole data set you need or its just one file you want, Mozy has your back.  And, since there’s no charge no matter how often you download files from Mozy, why not make the most of your account whenever we can help?