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Save on World Backup Day

World Backup Day is March 31, 2013. Now is a great time to audit your current backup solution, make sure you know your backups are working and test restoring your files, This World Backup Day guide walks you through testing your own Mozy setup, and what to do if you’re not currently backing up.

Current Mozy Users – How to test your backups and restores

Now is a great time to make sure that you know how to restore your files. Run through a test restore with these instructions.

Running into any problems or have some questions? Our support team is standing by – they’re here to help!

Don’t Currently Backup?

What should you look for in a cloud backup provider? We’ve put together a helpful guide with some good questions to consider in your search.

  • Part 1 - Making Copies, Safekeeping, To the Cloud
  • Part 2 - Not Prepared to Lose, Create and Change
  • Part 3 - Incremental and Versioning, Backup Considerations

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Backup is important for businesses as well. Over 90,000 businesses trust MozyPro with their important information. Find out how MozyPro can turn your backups into a competitive advantage for your company.


Mobility drives best places to live

This week, the Sunday Times named Stamford in Lincolnshire as the UK’s best place to live.  But how does a sleepy market town that initially missed the railway and, arguably, was at its economic peak several hundred years ago, get to be the most attractive place to live in the country?


Clearly, it’s a beautiful and historic part of the world – but the cruel reality of life is that the majority of us have to work to live.  And it would be hard to describe Stamford as an industrial metropolis.


Perhaps they’re all commuting somewhere else?


According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the average Brit does have the seventh-longest commute in the developed world so it’s feasible they’re going further afield.  However, that average commute is still only 40 minutes.

Maybe, the answer then, is that proximity to work is no longer the defining influence on where people live that it used to be.  Certainly, there’s a growing trend for knowledge workers to move away from city centres.


During the industrial revolution, workers flocked to the centres of industry, with cities like Liverpool growing their population by 60% in just 20 years.  The same city, even allowing for the overall explosion in the number of people living in the UK, has seen population shrink by 1.4% in the ten years to 2009.


A study carried out by Mozy recently highlighted that the average boss is happy for their employees to spend a quarter of their week working from home.  73 per cent of bosses are relaxed about employee time keeping and a typical boss will overlook regular lateness of around half an hour, content that their employees start their working days long before they arrive at their desks.


Cloud access tools are enabling workers to be productive team members of a business team regardless of where they are – and this is a more-likely reason why we Brits are selecting towns like Stamford and fellow high scorers, Kendal, Wye and Thornbury as our ideal homes.


What was once remote and impractical is now a remote worker’s dream.