Monthly Archives: October 2012

If I could turn back time

We all turned back the clock at the weekend, which may mean that the nights are darker, but at least it got us all an extra hour in bed!

But don’t you sometimes wish you could turn back time more than once a year?  Usually when something’s gone very wrong and you wish you had the opportunity to see it coming  – or worse still not be the one who caused all the trouble.  As Cher once pined ‘if I could turn back time…’

Fortunately, the technology exists today for us to be able to wind back time in our digital lives, even if we can’t do it in real life.

The versioning feature of online backup solutions, like Mozy’s, means that you can literally turn back time on your computer and restore it to however it was in the last 30 days.

Accidentally saved over a really important file?  Deleted a whole folder instead of just one file?  Deleted your partners play list two hours before the party?  Saved the comedy photoshopped  picture over the original?  Accidentally wrecked a complex formula in a spreadsheet?

Never mind, just turn back to the last version before you messed up and your bacon is saved.

What about if you’ve just plain forgotten to do something?  Well, if it’s picking up the kids from school, Mozy can’t help.  But if you were meant to email a file before you left the office or you were meant to produce a report but a vital bit of information is still saved on your desktop at work, well, Stash can help.

Using Mozy’s file access and sync solutions, all your data is wherever you want it to be, whenever you want it.  You can even email it to your boss without downloading it first, right from your smartphone.

So, when you next want to turn back time – and it’s not the end of October – see if Mozy can help.