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Cloud kills the drudge of 9 to 5 working

Mozy cloud backup changes working patterns

Rush-hour traffic jams and crowded commuter trains could soon be at thing of the past as employers across the globe announce that it’s OK to get to the office at a time that’s convenient for you.

That’s not to say that they’re fine for every day to be a duvet day but that they appreciate that most white-collar workers are busy on their smartphones and laptops away from the office and believe they should be cut some slack in return over when they arrive at their desks.

According to our new research, the average boss is happy for their employees to turn up as much as 32 minutes after their scheduled start time, safe in the knowledge that they’ll have been working long before they arrive.

And they’re right!  The average person has already put in 46 minutes of work before they walk through the office door.

However, employees have yet to realise the flexibility their bosses are willing to offer them, with 76 per cent of employers taking a relaxed attitude to timekeeping but less than half of workers believing this to be the case.

But employees are expecting a bit of give and take in return for the time they’re putting in out of hours, by carrying out some personal tasks during them.  The majority of employees in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and the USA said they fitted in personal activities, such as online shopping, social networking or websurfing during the day.

But what’s driving this change?  The cloud!  Being able to access files remotely, use mobile apps and remote log in to get documents from the office mean that we’re now able to work when and where we choose.

So, if you want to go to your kid’s school play in the afternoon, you can still be in contact with the office for anything urgent and you can finish up any work when you get home in the evening.
Which means, it’s goodbye 9-to-5 and hello to spreading your work and personal life through out the day at times that suit you.

You can read all the findings from our research here: The New 9-to-5

What difference has mobile working made to your working patterns?  Tell us in the comments section.

Mozy Enhances Stash with Major Update to Web Access

As the saying (and the classic hit by Blood, Sweat and Tears) goes: what goes up, must come down. Or, in wonderful world of file access, what gets uploaded must get downloaded.  And vice versa.

So, we’re excited that, with this week’s update to our online portal for web access, you can now upload (and download!) files directly to (or from!) your Mozy Stash.

Let’s take a quick tour of some new features in Mozy Web Access:

Web Access

  1. A tab for your Stash, and a devices tab for your backups. Now you can easily access all of the files you protect with Mozy through a single web interface.
  2. A breadcrumb widget shows you where you are in the folder heirarchy, allowing you to jump back up to any parent folder.
  3. Switch from the default list view to a gallery view, and you can see thumbnails for each photo.
  4. The actions panel changes dynamically depending on what you have selected.
  5. You can select multiple files or folders
  6. Summary information about your selection shows in the footer.

This is just the first batch of Stash features we have added to Mozy Web Access, allowing you to create new folders and delete files, for example. We look forward to adding more capabilities, as we continue to build out Stash during its public beta.

In addition to the new features for Stash, much of the new functionality introduced through Web Access is available for files protected with classic online backup, too. Image thumbnails (as shown above), multi-file download, the actions panel, and many other new features work similarly when browsing files on your backed-up device.