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Another one bytes the dust

The Encyclopaedia Britanica has announced that it’s printed its last volume as the company moves its business 100% online.  It’s one more example of the demise of the physical as more and more of our lives and possessions are digitised.  Once the last 4,000 copies of Britanica are sold, the encylcopaedia will exist only online, where it has found a new lease of life.

Encyclopaedia use was recently ranked 21st in Mozy’s list of the top 50 things that Brits no longer do thanks to modern technology.

In 1990, Encyclopaedia Britanica had its strongest year ever for book sales with over 120,000 sets sold.  However, just six years later, the impact of the internet had caused that number to shrink by two-thirds to just 40,000.  Just 12,500 of the 2010 version were printed.

With 120,000 articles containing over 40,000,000 words, the Encyclopaedia spanned 32 volumes and costs around £900.  By contrast, 120,000 text files could be backed up to Mozy for free with our free 2GB MozyHome accounts.

As more and more of our possessions, from photos and diary entries to books and music, become digital, instead of physical, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that we back up to protect ourselves against losing them.

It may seem a shame to wave goodbye to the printed encyclopaedia  but the information lives on in a more flexible way, which we can access anywhere and is much more searchable.  All we need to work out now is how girls at finishing schools can balance the internet on their heads to practice their deportment…

Get more Mozy goodness for free

If you have a MozyHome Free account, you’re already able to backup 2GB of data. That’s enough to backup a whole iPod Shuffle or 250,000 emails.  But, what if you’ve got more stuff you want to protect but don’t need a full MozyHome 50GB account?

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To make a referral, just login to your Mozy account, click ‘referrals’ in the left-hand navigation menu and you’ll find your unique referral code there for you to share.  You’ll also find a weblink that will automatically log your referral if your contacts click on it.

For more information on how Mozy referrals work, login to Mozy and click here.

The referral programme is a great way to make your MozyHome Free account grow with you.  If you want to back up 85 new text emails a day, all you have to do is make one referral a year and you’ll never hit your limit.

So, if you know a new mum, why not encourage her to backup her baby snaps?  Or, if your friend is into family history, maybe you can help them protect their research.

As Jerry Maguire almost said once: help us, help you, help someone and we’ll help you out in return.  That’s a lot of helping!

And, speaking of help, don’t forget that even MozyHome Free customers get access to our great support portal where you can read a whole host of articles that will teach you how to get the most out of Mozy.  You can even use the forums if you need more assistance.

So, just in case you missed it, MozyHome Free is totally free and, with just a little bit of effort, can keep growing with you.  So what’s stopping you?  Who are you going to tell about Mozy?