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Romance Is Dead! Protect Your Romantic Memories

Forget poring over a love letter this Valentines Day trying to identify the handwriting, says survey findings.  Forget choosing the perfect red rose at the florist.  You can even forget identifying a blind date by the rolled-up newspaper they’re holding under the station clock.

Recent research commissioned by Mozy, the world’s most trusted provider of data protection and availability for consumers and businesses, uncovered a dying trend for romance in the UK as new technology is vanquishing many of our traditional romantic gestures.

Don’t expect to receive a scented handwritten note from a secret admirer this Valentine’s Day, as over a third of Brits no longer hand write letters, with 18 per cent no longer writing love letters at all.

Mozy’s research revealed that 21st Century lovers are no longer left with much to cling to as physical tokens of affection increasingly give way to cyber versions, which are harder to preserve over time.

Remember those halcyon days, when making a mix tape of moody melodies was the ultimate way to signal your feelings for a sweetheart? Well, 34 per cent of us no longer bother.

What about printing out photos of loved ones to create a photo album of memorable moments? Forget it! 24 per cent of those surveyed by Mozy no longer entertain the idea.

And just how has technology impacted on our present giving over this romantic holiday? 17 per cent of us no longer make the effort to buy flowers from a florist, preferring to rely on the internet instead.

The demise of paper mail has heralded the swan song for this most intimate of Valentine’s Day acts. Love letters truly played their part in the past, existing as the long-treasured link to first love and long distance romances.

Claire Galbois-Alcaix of online backup company Mozy, which carried out the survey of 3,000 consumers across the UK, said: “In the past, Valentine’s mementoes were things like dried roses, scented love letters and photographs of your loved one that could be stored away in tissue paper and shoe boxes to be returned to and looked over with fond memories. Now, with social media, text messages and email, technology has changed the way Brits express themselves, choosing Facebook photo albums over the printed variety, an email over a handwritten love letter, and a playlist over a mix tape.

“If you’re not careful, these mementoes can become transient and lost forever with a phone upgrade, a computer crash or simple theft.  To make sure that your memories are there for years to come, it’s a good idea to ensure everything is securely backed up online, so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime from the cloud and this is something Mozy already help many customers to do.”

Romantic gestures featured repeatedly in Mozy’s TOP 50 THINGS WE NO LONGER DO AS A RESULT OF TECHNOLOGY

1. Ring the cinema to find out times

2. Going into the travel agents to research a holiday

3. Record things using VHS

4. Dial directory enquiries

5. Use public telephones

6. Book tickets for events over the phone

7. Print photos

8. Put a classified ad in the shop window

9. Ring the speaking clock

10. Carry portable CD players

11. Write handwritten letters

12. Buy disposable cameras

13. Take plenty of change for pay phones

14. Make mix tapes

15. Pay bills at the post office

16. Use an address book

17. Check a map before or during car journey

18. Reverse charges in payphones

19. Go into the bank or building society to conduct your business

20. Buy TV listings

21. Own an encyclopaedia

22. Queue to get car tax in Post Office

23. Develop and send off for photographs

24. Read a hard copy of the Yellow Pages

25. Look up something in dictionary

26. Remember phone numbers/ Have a phone book

27. Watch videos

28. Have pen friends

29. Use a telephone directory

30. Use pagers

31. Fax things

32. Buy CD’s/ Have a CD collection

33. Pay by cheque

34. Make photo albums

35. Watch programmes at the time they are shown

36. Dial 1471 when you get home

37. Warm milk or other hot drinks on stove

38. Try on lots of pairs of shoes on high street

39. Hand wash clothes

40. Advertise in trading papers

41.  Send love letters

42. Hand-write essays / school work

43. Buy flowers from a florist

44. Work out how to spell something yourself

45. Keep a personal diary

46. Send post cards

47. Buy newspapers

48. Hang washing out in winter

49. Keep printed bills or bank statements

50. Visit car boot sales

Out of sync! Mismatched present wins prize

Out of sync - pathetic present wins prize

Mozy is proud to announce the winner of our Pathetic Presents competition.  Conor Buckley won with the mismatched present he received from his wife.

“It was funny but a little disappointing to find out that I’d bought my wife a new MacBook for Christmas and only got some novelty boxer shorts in return,” says Conor.  “But winning an iPad in Mozy’s competition really makes up for it!  I think that Mozy’s great and now we’ll be able to use Mozy Stash to synchronise data between my prize and my wife’s Christmas present.  Hopefully, that way, we’ll be more ‘in sync’ with our Christmas presents next year!”

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition.  We had some truly great (awful?) entries – it’s a good job you guys have such a great sense of humour!

We’re sorry that we couldn’t make you all winners but, if you didn’t win the prize, we’d still love to give you a free gift in the form of our MozyHome Free accounts.  Simply visit to download a free account.

We’ll be offering other chances to win with Mozy in the future so stay tuned!

Congratulations Conor!

Mozy’s Top Ten Tips for Surviving the Big Freeze

Stash file synching technolgoy helps avoid the big freezeWith temperatures set to dip to well below freezing today, and snow predicted by the end of the week, there’s a good chance that many of us will find our usual routes to work blocked as the Big Freeze sets in.

But, with more of us than ever being able to work from home, Snow Days for most people are a thing of the past.  To compound the misery, Mozy research shows that a quarter of us only work from home when we have to, leaving us rusty when it comes to making sure we’re still productive when forced to work from the spare bedroom.

For everyone who wants to minimise the frustration caused by an unavoidable day (or days) at home, here are Mozy’s top ten tips for surviving the Big Freeze.  And they’re all things you should do today before you go home!

1)   Make sure you know how to access your voicemail remotely.  You’ll normally need to set this up in advance and secure your access with a PIN.  If you can’t answer your desk phone, you’ll at least be able to listen to your messages and get back to people.

2)   Scan the stuff on your desk that you use all the time and copy it so that you can access it from home.  How many times a day do you look at the phone list on your pin board? Make sure you’ll be able to get at the info when you’re not there.  Make sure you include the sticky notes on your desk in this process too.

3)   Sync your smart phone with your computer.  If you usually only do this to update your playlist, take time to do it today to make sure your contacts and diary are up to date.

4)   Check you have the numbers you need.  Sure, you’ve copied your phone list but how many of those people are going to be at their desks if you need to contact them?  Double check you have the number for IT support – if you’ve lost VPN access, you won’t be able to look it up on the intranet.

5)   Take your charger home with you. Yes it’s heavy and, yes, most days it’s unlikely that your laptop will run out of juice overnight, even if you are checking emails into the wee small hours but there’s precious little use to be had from a flat thinkpad if you need it to run all of the following day.

6)   Check you know your passwords for everything.  If you’re not used to using the web interface for the apps you use in the office, it’s easy to forget your password or let it expire.  It can be infinitely easier to get it reset whilst you’re still on your office network.

7)   Pack your laptop carefully when take it home tonight.  It’s slippery out there and you don’t want to spend all day tomorrow squinting at a cracked screen.

8)   Find out what your suppliers/clients/partners are doing how you contact them if they’re not able to make it in either.

9)   Install a file syncing service on your computer and drop all your current work into it.  That way, whatever happens, you can get at the files you need.  You can get a free 2GB account for Mozy to use on our Stash file syncing service at

10)                  Lock away your chocolate digestives!  Anyone who does make it in through the snow is going to be looking for a carb and sugar hit to fend off the cold and you might not be there to defend them!

Hopefully, a little bit of preparation can help to make an unexpected day of working from home a little bit easier, so you can spend your lunch break creating snowmen rather than recreating all the work