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Ten things you might not know about Mozy

Mozy has been around for over five years now – but we’ve not stood still.  So, if you signed up to Mozy some time ago, you may not know about all the features and functionality that exist in Mozy today.   Here’s our list of ten things you might not have known you can do with Mozy.

1)      Access your files anywhere

With Mozy’s web access portal, you can log into your Mozy account from any web-connected device and get the files you want, whenever you want them.

2)      Get your files on your phone

With the Mozy app, you can browse and download any of your backed-up files on your iPhone or Android mobile.

3)      Use Mozy to transfer files to your iPad or Android tablet

Don’t worry about whether you created your files on your laptop or desktop, access them all from your iPad or Android tablet using Mozy.

4)      Preview your files before you restore them

Don’t waste time and bandwidth guessing which files you want to download, use Mozy’s thumbnail previews to check them out first.

5)      Back up your NAS

If the primary copy of your data is on your NAS, make sure that’s what you’re backing up with MozyConnect.

6)      Back up to an external hard drive as well as the Cloud

Two backups are better than one!  Use Mozy 2xProtect for fast local backup and reliable offsite back up.

7)      Remotely email a file to someone else

If you don’t have your computer with you but you get an urgent request for a document, you can email it without even having to download it yourself with the Mozy App.

8)      Back up multiple devices on the same MozyHome account

As lots of us today have more than one device in our homes, you can now backup as many as five computers on a MozyHome account.

9)      Help track your laptop should it get stolen

As well as helping you get your data back in the event that your computer is stolen, we might also be able to help the police locate your device.  If your computer is taken, contact support at Mozy for help.

10)   Transfer an exact copy of your file tree to a new computer when you upgrade

Mozy makes transferring data to a new computer child’s play.  Simply log into your account from your new device to copy over all your files in exactly the same structure.

And one on the way!

11)   Sync your files between your phone, tablet and other computers with Mozy Stash

Mozy Stash is still in beta so didn’t quite make our list but soon users will be able to synchronise documents across their devices with this nifty new feature.

Backup to 1981 and celebrate 30 years of the PC

It’s 30 years since the world’s first IBM-compatible PC was unveiled to the world and, my, haven’t things changed?

Back on the 12th of August 1981, audiences at the Waldorf Astoria in New York gasped at the awesome power of the IBM 5150, which, for a mere $20,000, could offer a maximum of 256kB of memory (assuming, of course, that you boosted the 64kB of memory on the motherboard with three 64kB expansion cards).

Who could have known back then how central to our lives PCs would become?  Who could predict that some of our most precious memories would live on our PCs and that we would become so attached to that information that we’d want everywhere access to it?

Sometimes, the value of the digital information we’ve accumulated over the years isn’t terribly apparent – the PC has quietly picked up more and more roles without us noticing.  But, for many of us, the PC is our address book, photo album, music library, diary, home accounts ledger, home video library and much more.

But, as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben says: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”  And so it is with the PC.  We rely on our computers to store all that precious data.  However, unless you happen to be a government research facility, you’re unlikely to have a ‘supercomputer’ and everyday PCs are prone to everyday errors and occasional failures.  So, rather than hoping your PC is has super powers and relying on it in isolation, back up your information!

You can back up as much as 50GB of data with Mozy for just £4.99 – that’s 200,000 times the memory of the expanded IBM 5150.  Or 125GB (500,000 times) for £7.99.  A trial version is also available with a free 2GB option on MozyHome.

And, if you’re addicted to your PC and want your data at your fingertips everywhere you go, check out our mobile apps which allow you to access all your backed-up data on your Android or Apple mobile devices.