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Mozy makes remote file access simple for home and business users

Mozy app for iOS and Android

Mozy’s always been there to help you get your files whenever you need them – but now we can help you get your files wherever you are too.

As the result of a major upgrade to our European platform, MozyHome® and MozyPro® customers are going to be able to easily and securely access their backed-up data from iOS, Android or internet-enabled devices, from anywhere.

The new Mozy functionality includes:

-          An Enhanced Web Access Experience

Securely log in to from any device with web access to preview and download files.

-          Mobile apps for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Securely access their backed-up files directly from their mobile devices, with support for photo previewing, file download and file sharing.

-          Enhanced Restore Functionality

Access more powerful searching, one-click download, 30-day-version viewing, and consolidated file transfer, for faster restores.

We also recently launched the beta trial of Stash, our synchronisation functionality, which we want to make available to customers in the UK soon

But with all the new features, our first priority is protecting your data.  We continue to apply our premium levels of security to the data our customers trust us with.  And, for those organisations that want to regulate the accessibility of information outside of the workplace, we’re putting control of these new functions in the hands of the Administrator.

You can download the Mozy app in the iTunes App Store or the Android Marketplace today!

Pricing and Availability:

The Mozy apps for iOS and Android are free for customers of MozyHome and MozyPro and are available immediately.

The Mozy mobile apps are available for Android users, can be downloaded from the Android Market for devices running Android 2.0 and later. For iOS device users of version 4.0 and later, the app is now available in the iTunes App Store.

The Mozy mobile app includes support for six languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

The Mozy app currently supports customers using a Mozy managed encryption key. A subsequent update to the app will provide support for customers using personal-key encryption.

The web access features and new restore experience will be available to UK customers later this quarter.

The Mozy sync beta is currently open only to US MozyHome customers. Mozy hopes to add UK customers to the trial as the programme progresses.

That tune is smokin’!

According to a report in today’s Metro (, Saturday’s fire at the London Park Lane Hilton sent Black Eyed Peas’ into a spin as he hurried to protect his laptop, which contained the latest edits of the band’s new album.

It’s moments like these that make us realise just how valuable the information on our computers really is.

Now, you may not have the only version of the next multi-platinum-selling album saved to your hard drive, but each of us has our own precious stuff there that we’d hate to lose.  That’s why having a backup copy of the files you treasure is so important.

Mozy customer Beth Lutz knows just what it’s like to lose everything in a fire.  You can hear her story, and how Mozy helped, in this video: