Monthly Archives: March 2011

Data loss costs $214 per record

It’s often said that a good name is more desirable than great riches but, often, the two go hand in hand.  So what price can you put on your reputation?

According to new research from the Ponemon Institute, the damage to your reputation that comes with a major data loss incident can cost more than the loss of the data itself.

Each record lost, the research found, costs businesses $214, which not only includes the costs of notifying those involved and recreating records, but also the abnormal customer churn that comes from admitting that you lost data.

With more at risk than embarrassed blushes, it’s more important than ever for businesses to ensure that they have robust backup solutions in place.

Mobile and Sync Hit the Mozy Roadmap

The MozyBlog likes to think of itself as your SatNav to what lies ahead at Mozy so we’re excited to let you know that our compass is pointing straight to mobile apps followed by sync functionality a little bit further down the track.

This week, Mozy was at CeBIT speaking about its iPhone and Android apps for the first time.

Mozy’s mobile app will allow you to securely access the stuff you protect with Mozy, share select files such as photos with others, or view them on your phone. The app will also include convenience features such as photo thumbnail display which allows you to preview the files you’re looking for before downloading them in high-res.

Mozy also spoke about its beta trial for its new ‘sync’ functionality at the show.

This feature will allow users to put a Mozy sync folder on each of their computers. Any files that they put into this folder will be automatically synchronised on any other computers that they’ve installed the application on. This way, they always have the most up-to-date version of their files no matter which computer they’re using.

The sync functionality is just going into beta with a group of customers in the US, whilst the mobile functionality is set for a limited launch soon.

We think that, these new features will help our customers make more of the opportunities presented to them once their data is backed up to the Cloud.

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