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Baby Tiana’s Recovery is Denise Van Outen’s Most Unmissable Moment

Babt Tiana

Some moments in life are truly unmissable. A child’s first steps, a 21st birthday or the time you met Brad Pitt are just the sort of things that you want to capture on film and treasure forever.

But if those pictures exist only on your camera, they’re just one hard-drive crash away from being wiped indefinitely. That’s why backing them up is so important.

Mozy recently ran its Unmissable Moments competition, judged by TV star and celebrity mum Denise Van Outen, to find the baby photo that mums would miss most if anything happened to it.

Denise selected a photograph entered by Lisa King as the winner. It captures a very special moment between her and her daughter Tiana, after Tiana underwent her third life-saving heart operation.

Denise, proud mum to baby Betsy, said: “This is such a touching moment between mother and daughter, it brought a tear to my eye. Tiana is a very brave little girl. After three heart operations she has proved to be a little fighter. This is a memorable picture to be treasured forever. I wish her a happy and healthy future.”

The winner, Lisa King said: “I was so excited to be told that my photo had been chosen by Denise Van Outen in the Mozy unmissable moments competition. My photo shows Tiana in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit when she was nine months old in Great Ormond Street Hospital after surviving her third operation. It is one of our most precious photos ever. I am pleased to say Tiana has recovered well since but will require more surgery in the future. Thank you so much Denise for picking our photo and for the kind words.”

The public voted this photo and five others as finalists, with the competition receiving over 30,000 votes in total.

The five other finalists in the competition were: Lisa Dempster, Kylie Martin, Nicola Reynolds, Loraine Bown, and Sarah Casey.

Party like it’s 1999 – or whenever you want to back up to…

Office Xmas Party

Christmas is all about tradition. And there is no tradition better instilled into office life than regretting everything that happened at the office party.

We all know that alcohol and office tasks don’t mix – which is why it’s usually frowned upon to swig from a bottle of scotch whilst handling customer calls – but, in some work places, rules (like staff) become a little fuzzy in the festive season.

So, if you’re entertaining clients, beware of the long, boozy, Christmas lunch. It might seem that all is going well until you get back to your desk at half-past three and discover that your fingers aren’t hitting the keys on your computer that you intended them to. This is when it’s all too easy to find out that you’ve not deleted that email you don’t need; you’ve deleted a whole folder of email. You may also find yourself more than usually cavalier when it comes to saving documents over one another (and totally unfazed by the realisation at the time).

The office Christmas party can also be as dangerous as an under-cooked turkey and just as likely to leave you feeling sick to your stomach in the morning. In the ‘age of austerity’, more businesses are eschewing posh hotels and restaurants to host their Christmas parties in the office itself. This means that the opportunity to find yourself merrily sniggering with a colleague as you boot up your computer, open a document and proceed to ‘find and replace’ your boss’s name with ‘Mr Bumface’ is stronger than any of us would like.

Fortunately, the wonders of modern technology mean that none of these blunders are irreversible. An online backup system, like Mozy, will allow you to retrieve anything that you’ve deleted by accident and, just as importantly, restore any documents that you’ve tampered with to their untainted versions.

Unfortunately, Mozy can’t do anything to help if you’ve kissed Sarah from accounts or thrown up in the recycling bin but, whilst your personal reputation might be in tatters, at least you’re safe in the knowledge that no harm has come to the company.

Enjoy Christmas responsibly with Mozy!

Don’t let your precious memories go down the pan

Picture: From original via Wales News

This image is one of 300 pictures that were recovered from a memory card found in a camera that was pulled from a sewer in Brecon, Mid Wales. The photos came to light when sewer workers discovered that the camera was the cause of a blockage in the drains of the Welsh town.

This is just one example of memories that are flushed away every day. Memories that it’s impossible to capture again. The girls in this picture look like they’re heading out to graduation ball or school prom. Perhaps it’s an 18th birthday? Either way, there’s no way to go back in time and capture those moments again.

And it’s not just your camera that can go missing. Accidentally flushing your camera down the toilet could lose you 300 pictures, but losing your laptop, or it simply crashing, could rob you of your entire photo collection. That’s why backing up your pictures is so important. Services such as Mozy can automate the whole process for you helping to make sure, if anything happens to your hardware, you’ve got a copy backed up online.

If you recognise anyone in our photo here, get in touch with the local authorities as they’re keen to reunite the girls with their pictures. Or, if you find a camera yourself, why not post an imageto IFoundYourCamera.Net and perhaps you can help someone else recapture a memory.

If, on the other hand, you think that relying on strangers to post your pictures back to you is too risky a tactic to protect your own memories, there’s always Mozy

Mozy Backup in the UK Q&A

In 2010, Mozy worked hard to create local services across a number of countries in Europe, including the UK, Ireland, France and Germany – each with local-language support, local-currency pricing, local data centres and local-language websites. To help make our customers aware of the closest service to them, we’re now automatically pointing people to our new sites. This has prompted some questions from people who have arrived at a country site they weren’t expecting – we’ve collected them all together and answered them here.

Why does Mozy redirect me when I try to visit its websites?

At the moment, Mozy is building local offerings around Europe – but we can’t do everything at once! To save you from having to try and work out where your local Mozy service is, we’ve set up the system to take you there automatically.

Why can’t I just sign up to the .com website?

There are a number of advantages to signing up locally:
• Your data is hosted here so it’s subject to EU laws – as an EU citizen, this gives you much better protection than if your data was elsewhere. If you’re a MozyPro customer, there may be compliance requirements for keeping your data in the EU.
• You get access to local support – that means the support centre is open when you’re awake
• You pay in your own currency, giving you predictability of your costs – the fluctuating exchange rate means the monthly cost of MozyHome in dollars has varied by nearly a pound over the last 18 months for those with Stirling bank accounts
• Restoring your data will be easier – for example, if you’re subscribed locally, you can request a disk of your data for a restore, which we can courier to you.

What happens if I register now and you launch a local website in my country later?

If you’ve been redirected from a country that subsequently gets a more local service, we’ll be able to simply migrate you if and when you’re ready to do so.

Help! I’m already a Mozy customer but I’m being directed to another site. How do I sign in?

Your log-in details will work regardless of which site you’re visiting. Just log in as normal and you will be redirected to your account page where all your credentials will be recognised.

What happens if I’m in another country when my computer does a backup, will my data go to the wrong data centre?

No, your data will be treated in the same way regardless of where you happen to be when you perform your scheduled or automatic backups.

I signed up at, will my account be moved?

If you signed up to in the past and are based in Europe, you should have already received an email informing you that your data would be moving to a European data center that is closer to you. One of the advantages is that this will provide our European customers a better backup and restore experience.

What if I want to sign up in a different country, how do I do that?

In order to help our customers, in countries where we don’t have a local language/payment offering, we redirect people to the most appropriate match we have available. If your ISP is registered in Europe and you live in a country where Mozy does not have a local website in the local language, you will be redirected to another European website in English.