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Whoops! Sorry Mum!

The trouble with personal computers is that, in the modern home, they aren’t always that personal. Many of us share computers with our families or friends – whether that’s just jumping on your partner’s work laptop to check your mail before they log off for the night or having a computer in the family room that all the children use.

But letting your little darlings use your computer can open a Pandora’s box of nightmares to attack your digital life.

Five things kids do that are guaranteed to drive you mad:

1) Seeing if they can fit a hobnob in the DVD tray
2) Gluing random keys down with dried-up Kia-ora
3) Adding 300 Justin Bieber videos to your youtube favourites
4) Downloading a ‘free music’ .exe file and being surprised that it’s a virus
5) Accidentally deleting your ‘personal finances’ folder just after you’d managed to work out which bills absolutely-positively have to be paid this month

The good news is, for all of these, help is at hand. For tips on how to introduce your kids to using your computer safely, visit getsafeonline. For everything else, there’s Mozy.

Having an online backup solution that lets you simply restore all your files to the way they were before the kids logged on can save you a lot of stress. So, if you’d rather be pulling your files back than pulling your hair out, why not see if a backup solution suits you?

Back Up; Don’t Smash Up

Given the choice of swapping the back paving slab that the IT department gave you in lieu of a laptop for a shiny new Macbook, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

But what if you had to hand it over there and then along with of your files, documents, pictures and music that you had stored on it?  What if you had to smash it to pieces and watch all your work destroyed in front of you?

Maybe beauty is only skin deep and it’s what’s inside that’s really valuable.  Our research shows that people in the UK valued their data, on average, at £12,484. Suddenly the swap doesn’t seem such a good idea, does it?

Of course, if you’d backed up your data, all you’d be handing over would be worn-out keys and a smudged screen.

We took to the streets of London to tempt a stream of commuters with our offer: our brand new Macbook if they smashed up their old laptop.  Was anyone confident enough in their backup to take up our challenge?

Check out what happened in our video.